What are Custody Time Limits?

What are Custody Time Limits?

Custody time limits are the period of time in which a person may be remanded in custody awaiting trial. If a person is kept in custody their trial must be held within the custody time limit period. If the trial cannot be held within that period then the Court must release the person on bail or in certain circumstances extend the custody time limit. The custody time limits are as follows-

  • For trials in the Magistrates Court- 56 days from first appearance in Court
  • For cases in the Crown Court- 182 days from the date of sending to the Crown Court or 182 days from date of first appearance in the Magistrates Court. 

The above is a gross simplification of a very complex area where lawyers must take a lot of factors into consideration before an accurate CTL calculation can be undertaken.

POSTED: Tuesday, March 25, 2014

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