Quentin Hunt in successful discontinuance of serious fraud case

Quentin Hunt in successful discontinuance of serious fraud case

Quentin represented Mr AH, an accountant who was facing trial at the Warwick Crown Court accused of various counts of conspiracy to defraud. The fraud was said to be in respect of false documentation submitted to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.

This documentation was in respect of PAYE and National Insurance contributions as submitted by AH in his role as accountant acting on behalf of various clients. The losses were said to run to millions of pounds and the defendant faced a long custodial sentence if convicted. During preparation for trial vigorous submissions were made to the prosecution on behalf of the defendant.

It was suggested that the case should be dropped, reminding the prosecution of the problems that they faced in respect of the evidence in the case and the lack of a public interest in the prosecution.

The trial was due to commence in June but on 21st May the prosecution contacted Quentin to state that they were persuaded that the case against AH should be dropped and that they would not continue with the case. The matter was therefore discontinued and AH was free to continue his business unhindered by a prosecution.

Quentin is an expert in making submissions to prosecuting authorities to bring about the dropping of a case before it reaches trial. If you find yourself accused of a criminal offence and wish expert, effective submissions to be made on your behalf to get the case stopped before trial please contact Quentin for an informal no obligation conversation to discuss the way forward and the best options.   

POSTED: Tuesday, June 9, 2015