Driving case victory

Driving case victory

Quentin represented Mr FS, a man of good character who was charged with careless driving. He was accused of striking a man with his car on a pavement in Soho on a Saturday night.

The alleged victim was making a significant insurance claim against the defendant and was claiming serious injuries. Quentin represented Mr FS at the Lavender Hill Magistrates Court for trial.

During the trial a significant number of prosecution witnesses gave evidence including an off duty police officer; these witnesses were effectively cross examined by Quentin which raised real doubts about the credibility of the prosecution case.

Following closing speeches the Court took little time to deliver a Not Guilty verdict for Mr FS, whose licence was vital to his job, and a costs order was made in his favour.

Quentin has previously wriiten a number of interesting and informative articles about the offence of careless driving.


POSTED: Wednesday, June 10, 2015