Quentin ensures acquittal in offensive weapon trial

Quentin ensures acquittal in offensive weapon trial

Quentin represented Miss RM, a commodities trader who stood accused of possession of an offensive weapon and two counts of assault. RM attended a meeting of Haringey Justice for Palestinians where a protest took place. As a result of the protest a scuffle broke out between opposing factions. During the course of the scuffle RM was said to have assaulted two persons by spraying them with a non-toxic self-defence spray. This spray was said to have been an offensive weapon.

When the matter came to trial at Wood Green Crown Court Quentin made legal submissions as to the fact that the self-defence spray was incapable of being classified as an offensive weapon in the circumstances that it was used. This submission was accepted and the Court entered a Not Guilty verdict before the close of presentation of the evidence.

The remaining two assault charges remained. RM was maintaining self-defence. Following expert cross examination of the prosecution witnesses and evidence from RM the Court accepted that RM was acting in self-defence and Not Guilty verdicts were recorded on all counts.

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POSTED: Sunday, June 21, 2015