Dangerous police chase defendant avoids prison

Dangerous police chase defendant avoids prison

Mr FR came to Quentin having been dissatisfied with the standard of representation from his previous legal aid solicitors. He was charged with Dangerous Driving and had pleaded guilty in the Magistrates Court, the case was transferred to the Crown Court for sentencing.


The prosecution case against FR was a serious one. The prosecution papers alleged that the police had been called to the outskirts of Birmingham following reports of street racing. Upon police arrival it was said that FR, driving a ‘hot hatch’ motor vehicle made off at speed and a police chase ensued. The pursuit involved 3 police cars and lasted some 15 minutes, with members of the public having to take evasive action to avoid FR’s car. The police alleged that he travelled at speeds of up to 115mph and travelled through at least 7 sets of red traffic lights during the chase. The pursuit ended when FR crashed his car at a roundabout. He was arrested at the scene.


Having considered the sentencing authorities, it appeared that FR would be subject to a period of immediate imprisonment. However, by virtue of giving effective advice in respect of the sentencing exercise, collecting relevant evidence to put forward on behalf of FR and entering relevant and persuasive mitigation Quentin was able to secure FR a suspended sentence order with 200 hours of unpaid work (community service). The effect was that FR did not go to prison.


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POSTED: Friday, April 8, 2016