Not Guilty Verdict in Conspiracy to Handle Stolen Goods

Not Guilty Verdict in Conspiracy to Handle Stolen Goods

Mr CB appeared before the Sheffield Crown Court accused of being the ringleader of a conspiracy to handle stolen car parts, part of the infamous police Operation Hanoi, a targeted operation into car theft and burglary. The prosecution alleged that a business that he owned was selling stolen car parts and that he was a knowing participant in the enterprise.

CB was a business owner and company director who worked in the financial services industry in London, he could not afford to have a criminal conviction against his name as it would have meant that he would have been unable to work in his industry again.

The matter came before the Sheffield Crown Court for trial. On the first day of trial representations and arguments were made to the Crown Prosecution Service as to their ability to gain a conviction in the case and the weakness of the evidence against CB. Following a short period of adjournment the CPS indicated that they were to be offering no evidence against CB and a Not Guilty verdict was entered on his behalf.

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POSTED: Tuesday, January 5, 2016