Not Guilty verdict in Assault allegation

Not Guilty verdict in Assault allegation

Quentin represented Miss VW, a podiatrist who was accused of assaulting a lady in the waiting room of her Birmingham practice.

The allegation centred on a dispute over the pay of the alleged victim’s daughter who was a previous employee of VW.

The matter came for trial at Birmingham Magistrates Court before District Judge Richards. During trial the prosecution called a number of witnesses who were alleged eyewitnesses to the incident. During cross examination Quentin was able to undermine the credibility of the witnesses and the reliability of their accounts. As a result of this the District Judge, in a highly unusual course of action, stopped the case during the evidence of VW. The Judge stated that he had heard enough evidence and that he was not satisfied that the prosecution could prove their case given how the prosecution witnesses had been undermined during the course of their evidence. As a result a Not Guilty verdict was entered in favour of VW and a costs order made towards the cost of her representation.

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POSTED: Wednesday, January 13, 2016