Quentin gains success for client in Nightclub assault case

Quentin gains success for client in Nightclub assault case

Quentin represented AC, a student at Newcastle University who was accused of two counts of assault, the allegation was that she had bitten two young ladies during a fight in a Nightclub in Newcastle.

AC had been arrested at the scene and was interviewed by the police in interview she denied that she had been part of the fight. After her police interview her instructions changed and she accepted that she was part of the fight but alleged that she had been acting in self defence. AC’s previous solicitors had advised her that the prosecution case against her was ‘overwhelming’ and that she should plead Guilty to the charges. AC was a student who did not want a criminal record and the associated problems that it could bring. She did not accept the advice of her solicitors and sought Quentin’s assistance.

Quentin oversaw the preparation of the case and brought the matter to trial. During the trial the prosecution called the two victims of the assault both of whom had injuries sustained by biting. An independent eyewitness was also called by the prosecution who saw the whole incident.

Quentin undertook focussed and sustained cross examination of the alleged victims and the independent witness which undermined their credibility and supported AC’s account of self defence. AC gave evidence that the account she had given at the police station was incorrect due to the stress she was suffering at the time and that she was in fact acting in self defence at the time that the incident took place.

Following under 10 minutes of deliberation the Court returned a Not Guilty verdict, AC was acquitted and was awarded costs.

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POSTED: Tuesday, February 14, 2017