Quentin secures licence of professional driver

Quentin secures licence of professional driver

Miss GS works at Heathrow Airport driving commercial vehicles, a condition of her employment is that she cannot have more than 3 penalty points upon her driving licence.

GS was accused of a number of road traffic offences and protested her innocence. She was previously represented by solicitors and as a result of Court proceedings in the Magistrates Court found herself banned from driving for 6 months following two convictions for driving without insurance and failure to provide driver’s details. The convictions meant that she was ‘totted’ as she received 6 points for each offence and therefore had 12 points, this meant a 6 month ban and loss of her employment.

GS approached Quentin Hunt who lodged appeals on her behalf at Harrow Crown Court. Quentin ensured that the appeals were swiftly heard. At the hearing Quentin made representations of law and fact on behalf of GS. Both appeals were successful and GS was reinstated at her place of work with no points on her driving licence. The Court also awarded costs in GS’s favour.

If you rely on your driving licence for your employment and are accused of a motoring offence you will need the best possible representation in order to secure your livelihood. Quentin Hunt is an expert road traffic lawyer who has an excellent track record in high stakes cases. Quentin can be contacted for a free no obligation conversation about any such case.

POSTED: Tuesday, January 10, 2017