Success in Appeal Against Conviction in GBH case

Success in Appeal Against Conviction in GBH case

Quentin Hunt represented RM, an individual who had been convicted after a trial at Woolwich Crown Court. RM received a 10-year sentence for an allegation of attempted GBH upon police officers. RM instructed Quentin to advise upon the prospects of appeal.

Quentin analysed the documentation in the case and focussed upon a detailed assessment of the Judge’s summing up of the case. He found some serious and worrying deficiencies in the way that the case was explained to the jury and the analysis of the law within the summing up especially in respect of the lack of an adequate direction to the jury on the law of self defence. Quentin accordingly drafted and lodge grounds of appeal on RM’s behalf in respect of both conviction and sentence.

The matter came before the Court of Appeal Criminal Division before Lord Justice Burnett. The prosecution vigorously opposed the grounds of appeal however the Court agreed with Quentin that there were serious errors in the way which the case was summed up to the jury. As a result, the Court quashed the conviction on the base that the conviction was unsafe and refused the prosecution an opportunity to hold another trial, Quentin’s costs were allowed from central funds. RM was released from prison the same day.

Quentin specialises in the analysis of cases following conviction and the lodging of persuasive and effective grounds of appeal. If you have been convicted of a criminal offence and feel that you would like to appeal you may contact Quentin for an appraisal of your case.

POSTED: Monday, March 13, 2017