Not guilty verdict for woman accused of assaulting her police officer husband

Not guilty verdict for woman accused of assaulting her police officer husband

Quentin represented CK, a lady who was before the Bromley Magistrates Court for an offence of assault, as a professional person CK could not afford a criminal conviction as it would likely result in her losing her livelihood.

CK was the previous partner of a serving police officer. Following the breakdown in their relationship she was accused of assault of her partner during an argument. She maintained that she did not assault her partner but acted in self defence and that the proceedings were being brought by her partner as an attempt to discredit her in Family Court proceedings.

The matter was before the Bromley Magistrates Court, on the day of the trial hearing Quentin was able to produce a large body of defence material that had been meticulously collected over the proceeding months which showed that the position was far from that which was being presented by the prosecution. This included Facebook posts, text messages and WhatsApp messages, photographs and witness testimony.

This material was presented to the prosecution at trial and the prosecution were urged by Quentin to reconsider their position. As a result of this, the prosecution took time to review the matter and came to a decision not to continue the prosecution. A formal Not Guilty verdict was entered and CK was awarded costs in the case.

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POSTED: Friday, August 17, 2018