Not Guilty Verdicts in large scale Fraud and Trademark case

Not Guilty Verdicts in large scale Fraud and Trademark case

Quentin represented two defendants WM and SM in a large scale Trading Standards case before Luton Crown Court. The case related to the alleged fraudulent trading and unauthorised use of a trademark and involved the sale of alleged counterfeit goods across a number of trading platforms including eBay and Amazon. The scale of the fraud was significant with the prosecution alleging turnover into the millions of pounds. The case attracted large scale media attention including a feature on the BBC One programme ‘Fake Britain’.

Following receiving instructions in the case Quentin was quick to get to work on the evidence and take the prosecution to task, pointing out shortcomings in the prosecution case including problems with the admissibility of a large section of the evidence in the case. This included the search and seizure of the premises and the admissibility of interviews. Continual pressure was exerted upon the prosecution in respect of these deficiencies. As a result of this and other factors the prosecution made the decision to drop all charges against all of Quentin’s clients. As the matter was already before the Crown Court formal Not Guilty verdicts were entered meaning that Quentin’s clients are protected from further prosecution in respect of these matters and the cases came to a favourable conclusion.

If you find yourself under investigation or facing prosecution in respect of Fraudulent Trading under the Companies Act 2006 or proceedings for unauthorised use of a trademark then seeking specialist experienced representation is crucial. Quentin Hunt is known to aggressively fight for his clients’ and specialises in trying to resolve cases in his clients’ favour before the matter gets to trial. If you face such proceedings and would like a no obligation conversation about your case, you can contact Quentin to discuss matters.

POSTED: Thursday, October 4, 2018