Success in Vacation of Plea application

Success in Vacation of Plea application

Quentin was instructed to act on behalf of WA who had entered guilty pleas to multi million pound counts of Mortgage Fraud and possession of an offensive weapon before the Hull Crown Court. WA approached Mr Hunt as he was unhappy with the fact that he had pleaded guilty and felt that he had been pressured into pleading guilty by his counsel and was unhappy about the circumstances in which the plea was entered.

Quentin saw WA in conference and ascertained the circumstances in which the plea was entered; he ascertained that due to those circumstances it could be argued that the plea was equivocal and that it should be vacated. An application to vacate plea, complaint with the Criminal Procedure Rules, was drafted and submitted to the Crown Court. The Prosecution opposed the application and the matter was argued before the Court. In short time the Court accepted Quentin’s submissions and the plea was vacated. The Plea and Trial Preparation procedure was therefore reopened and Not Guilty pleas were entered. The matter was then listed for a contested trial.

If you have entered a plea of Guilty and feel that you were not truly admitting your guilt or that there was a problem in the procedure leading up to the entering of the plea you may have ground to vacate your guilty plea. Quentin Hunt is a barrister with vast experience in these sorts of difficult hearing and is able to offer straightforward and effective advice as to the way forward in your case. You may contact barrister Quentin Hunt for a free, no obligation conversation about your case. 

POSTED: Wednesday, September 5, 2018