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Taking penalty points is a serious criminal offence and perverting the course of justice. It was all over the news a short while ago. But now the convictions of Chris Huhne and Vicky Price for perverting the course of justice have faded in time and are no......

When a driver receives penalty point supon his licence he may continue to drive when the number of points remains below 12..Read this FAQ to find out more..

NO!! This is a serious criminal offence- perverting the course of justice. Read this FAQ to find out more..

In many driving cases people commit offences in circumstances that are really not their fault. This stems from the fact that the vast majority of driving offences are what lawyers call ‘strict liability’ offences. This means that you are guilty whether or......

What to do if I am summonsed for driving without insurance? It is a criminal offence for a person to “use” a motor vehicle on a road or “cause” or “permit” any other person to use it on a road while uninsured. These offences can only be dealt with......

Quentin ensured GS was reinstated at her place of work with no points on her driving licence. The Court also awarded costs in GS’s favour.

Defendants who are otherwise law abiding people get caught out telling stupid lies to the Police and Courts without realising the dire consequences of getting caught.

Speeding (Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 section 89) What happens if I get caught speeding?

Driving ban and fines for unlicenced taxi drivers as Quentin undertakes successful prosecutions for Transport for London

Quentin represented Mr RC, a successful trader of prestige and high performance cars in respect of an appeal against a conviction for failure to provide driver’s details contrary to s172 of the Road Traffic Act 1988.

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