If you are facing criminal or regulatory proceedings, the support of a skilled, experienced and tenacious criminal defence barrister is essential.

Quentin Hunt is an award winning Barrister with over two decades’ specialist experience in criminal law. He has a reputation for fearless representation and an encyclopaedic knowledge of the law. Quentin is known for his skill in cases where he accepts instructions directly from the public, he is the president of the Direct Access Barrister's Association and has been recently awarded the accolade of 'Direct access Barrister of the Year' at the SME Legal Awards.

Quentin is a London Criminal Barrister who will travel nationally to deal with cases. He operates from 2 Bedford Row Chambers, recognised as being the UK’s leading criminal defence and fraud chambers and winners of “Criminal Chambers of the Year” at both the Chambers Bar Awards and the Legal 500 Bar Awards.

Quentin’s skill and reputation has won him a number of prestigious awards including- ‘Serious Criminal Cases Barrister of the Year’ at the 2016 AI Legal Awards; 'Direct Access Barrister of the Year' at the 2018 SME Legal Awards and ‘Criminal Barrister of the Year’ at the 2020 ACQ Legal Awards.

The latest edition of Chambers and Partners independent guide to the Bar ranks him as a leading individual and states that he is:


"A delightful advocate, who is easy to do business with, very straightforward, knows his cases inside out and does not pull punches."


Please call 0207 060 3825 to arrange a no obligation telephone conversation with Quentin about your case or go to our contact Quentin page for further information

Areas of Legal Expertise

Your defence in safe hands

Quentin accepts instructions from all members of the public. His easy manner and heavyweight reputation has attracted numerous high profile clients including International and Premiership footballers, Grammy award winning pop stars, World Champion Sportsmen, Members of Parliament and numerous business leaders. Such clients have trusted Quentin to secure the best possible outcome for them in their cases. The services Quentin offers including:

  • Expert legal advice in pre-charge cases
  • Support from a leading fraud lawyer
  • Expertise in Criminal Law in from a highly experienced Criminal Defence Barrister
  • Second opinion in criminal appeal cases
  • A Legal expert road/traffic cases

As a Direct Access criminal barrister Quentin has an honest, personable attitude combined with an extensive track record of success in providing expert legal counsel that reassures clients they are in safe hands.

As a litigation qualified direct access barrister Quentin is able to handle virtually all aspects of your case from start to finish.

No matter the complexities of the case, whether providing legal advice for high profile legal matters involving fraudPlanning Enforcement, sexual offences or offences of violence, to more minor matters such as road traffic offences including drink driving, death by dangerous driving and speeding, Quentin has the experience you expect from the very best in a criminal defence barrister.

For details of Quentin's formidable track record see his Success Stories.

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