Outstanding services from a leading barrister

A specialist in criminal and regulatory law, Quentin Hunt is known throughout the legal industry for his exceptional skill, fearless approach and honest, courteous attitude.

Working from award-winning chambers in Bedford Row, Quentin regularly applies his specialist knowledge of criminal and regulatory law to high profile cases. He can now do the same for the public directly, delivering a specialised and proven service without the expense of commissioning a QC.


One of the Stars of the Criminal Bar, the go to counsel for criminal casesTim Davies, Tuckers Solicitors


Quentin’s credentials


What you can expect from Quentin

With a history of outstanding bar performance, Quentin dedicates himself to each client’s defence with determination, agility and an in-depth knowledge of legal intricacies.

His courtroom style features skilful application of legal precedents and loopholes in the relentless pursuit of the best outcome for his clients.

Quentin’s personal approach ensures that you will not only receive the best possible representation, but will also be remain fully involved throughout the process. That equips you to make informed decisions supported by a barrister with your welfare firmly at the fore.

Although Quentin mainly handles private cases, he also undertakes Legal Aid work in certain circumstances.

For an appraisal of your case please contact Quentin, who will be happy to offer his expert view.


A real-world person

Quentin lives in London with his wife, two children and cat all of whom consistently give him a harder time than the Judges he appears in front of. In his spare time he runs marathons, supports Everton FC and fancies himself as Formula One driver and Olympic snowboarder.