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A specialist in criminal and regulatory law, Quentin Hunt is known throughout the legal industry for his exceptional skill, fearless approach and honest, courteous attitude.

Working from award-winning chambers in Bedford Row, Quentin regularly applies his specialist knowledge of criminal and regulatory law to high profile cases. He can now do the same for the public directly, delivering a specialised and proven service without the expense of commissioning a QC.


One of the Stars of the Criminal Bar, the go to counsel for criminal casesTim Davies, Tuckers Solicitors


Quentin’s credentials



What you can expect from Quentin

With a history of outstanding performance and great results, Quentin dedicates himself to each client’s defence with determination, agility and an in-depth knowledge of legal intricacies.

His courtroom style features skilful application of the facts and legal precedents in the relentless pursuit of the best outcome for his clients.

Quentin understands how serious Criminal allegations are to his clients. He recognises the personal, professional and family damage that such allegations can have. His personal approach ensures that you remain reassured that you will not only receive the best possible representation, but will also be remain fully involved throughout the process. That equips you to make informed decisions supported by a barrister with a keen tactical eye who has your welfare firmly at the fore.

Quentin accepts instructions at any stage in proceedings and is known to be particularly effective at the pre-trial stage. One of his mottos is that ‘the best way to win a trial is not to have a trial at all’. He is known for the drafting of effective pre-charge representations and the launching of powerful pre-trial legal arguments. His tactical and skilful drafting and presentation of arguments such as disclosure, abuse of process and dismissal applications can often defeat a prosecution case before it even gets to trial.

Quentin is passionate about committing the necessary time and attention to detail to his cases and purposefully does not take on a huge client base. He is therefore unable to accept instruction in Legal Aid or publicly funded cases.

Although he acts for high profile individuals Quentin applies the same vigorous attention to detail to all his cases, big or small. He is particularly adept at representing persons of ‘good character’ who have not appeared before the Courts before and is often sought out by professionals who need to be free from criminal convictions to keep their employment.

For an appraisal of your case please contact Quentin, who will be happy to offer his expert view.


A real-world person

Quentin lives in rural Kent with his wife, two children and cat all of whom consistently give him a harder time than the Judges he appears in front of. In his spare time, he runs marathons and supports Surrey County Cricket Club. His family would like it known that he is not as funny as he thinks he is.


Information about how we conduct business

Anyone, whether professional, licensed access or lay clients can contact Quentin Hunt to obtain a quotation for legal services. The simplest route is to contact him directly via his PA at the telephone number within the contact section of this website. Mr Hunt accepts direct access instructions subject to the usual rules of the case being one where acting without the assistance of a solicitor is appropriate.

In criminal cases, many defendants may have the benefit of a representation order and receive publicly funded assistance (often referred to as Legal Aid). Mr Hunt does not accept instructions in legally aided cases.

In cases where clients wish to instruct a barrister without public funding (often referred to as privately paying clients), Mr Hunt is happy to discuss the most appropriate way of structuring payment of fees. Fees can be structured in a number of ways, including a fixed fee for the case, payment of an agreed hourly rate or payment of ‘a brief fee’ (a brief fee pays for preparation of the case for the trial up to and including the first day of the trial) with separate payments for each additional day of the trial (often referred to as ‘refreshers’). The fees agreed will reflect all of the circumstances of the case, including, but not limited to, the seriousness and complexity of the case, the volume of the papers and preparation required, the commitment required to prepare the case properly and the length of time the trial is expected to take. Mr Hunt will strive to ensure that any payment arrangement is tailored to both the needs of an individual client and the circumstances of the particular case. Legal Services attract VAT. Mr Hunt is registered for VAT and registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office. Professional Indemnity Insurance is in place for all legal services supplied.

There are a number of different factors, which may influence the timescales within which Mr Hunt can provide legal services. These include, but are not limited to:

Upon accepting instructions in a case, Mr Hunt will ensure prompt early advice including a general assessment of the further work that is necessary and the timescale over which a client can expect the required legal services will be provided.


Useful website links

The following website links provide further information concerning the way barristers conduct their business.

Legal Ombudsman website – decision data- https://www.legalombudsman.org.uk/ombudsman-decision-data/

BSB website Barristers’ register- https://www.barstandardsboard.org.uk/for-the-public/search-a-barristers-record/the-barristers-register.html

BSB website Public Access Guidance for Lay Clients’- https://www.barstandardsboard.org.uk/uploads/assets/20f0db2a-a40c-4af9-95b1b9557ad748e9/Public-Access-Guidance-for-Lay-Clients.pdf

Legal Choices website – https://www.legalchoices.org.uk/


Summary only motoring offences

Many driving offences can only be tried in the Magistrates’ Court (referred to as on a summary only basis). We provide representation covering a variety of different scenarios that may arise including, but not limited to:

In the majority of cases that go to trial, there will be an initial hearing (first hearing) followed by a trial hearing some months afterwards. Sometimes there will be a need for additional hearings depending on the nature of the case and orders made by the Court.

If a defendant pleads guilty at the first hearing, in most cases it will be possible to move straight to sentencing at the hearing. On occasions it will be necessary for a case to be adjourned for a period of 4-6 weeks for further information to be gathered, such as pre-sentence reports, psychiatric reports or other medical reports.

In all cases a payment structure can be arranged that suits both the lay client and barrister’s needs. A contract for the provision of legal services will be drafted, including provision for payment of fees and any additional fees that may arise. Payment structures can take a variety of different forms including but not limited to:

Typically, fees can range from £1,500 - £10,000 for a single hearing. There is no upper or lower limit. Each case will be discussed individually with the lay client. Mr Hunt’s hourly rate for such cases is £300 + VAT. All fees will attract and VAT.

On occasions there will be additional costs such as travel, waiting and hotel expenses. Where such costs are likely these will be identified and included within the overall discussion with the client at the outset of the case.

Sometimes, further additional costs may arise as a case progresses. These can arise for a number of different reasons, including, but not limited to:

Mr Hunt will endeavour to ensure that within the contract for the provision of services between himself and the client, provision is made for any such eventuality.