Quentin reduces confiscation order by over £1.5 Million

Quentin reduces confiscation order by over £1.5 Million

Quentin represented a Mr GK, an accountant who together with two others was accused of being a party to a high profile and large scale fraud upon the Comer Group of companies, a property management company for whom he was the head of accounts. The fraud was said to have been in the region of £3,500,000. During the course of proceedings Quentin caused huge disclosure headaches for the prosecution resulting in two trials at Southwark Crown Court at which juries were discharged due to prosecution disclosure difficulties. At the 3rd trial GK pleaded guilty on favourable terms.

At a recent confiscation hearing at the Southwark Crown Court the prosecution were seeking a confiscation order in the sum of £3,312,710. Following the hearing the Court made an order in the sum of £1,554,000 a reduction of over half the amount originally sought by the prosecution.

The case attracted widespread publicity in the national press: