Direct Access Litigation Qualified Barrister

Direct Access Litigation Qualified Barrister

Quentin is delighted to have been approved by the Bar Council as a litigation certified direct access barrister.

Although there are many direct access qualified barristers only a very small minority of those at the Bar are qualified to conduct litigation. This can have an enormous effect upon the conduct of your case.

With direct access barristers who are not litigation qualified you will find yourself serving proceedings and sending important documentation.  The Barrister will draft the documentation however you will have the inconvenience and responsibility of printing, packaging and serving the documents. When proceedings and important documentation is served by the other parties to proceedings the non-litigation qualified direct access barrister cannot accept service; they must have the documentation served upon their client at the client’s address and then have the documents forwarded on to their Chambers. This obviously leads to problems with clients who are travelling a lot with work or taking lengthy holidays. These problems will not occur with litigation qualified direct access barristers such as Quentin who has the benefit of a fully manned Chambers support team to ensure that nothing is missed and there is a verifiable audit trail for all documentation*.


Unlike those not qualified to conduct litigation Quentin can:

  • Send letters serving documentation on your behalf under cover of Chambers headed notepaper
  • Instruct expert witnesses on your behalf
  • Issue proceedings or applications on your behalf
  • Acknowledge service of proceedings
  • Receive service of documentation at his Chambers
  • Issue notices of appeal
  • Conduct other aspects of litigation that barristers without the litigation qualification cannot do


If you need advice or are facing criminal charges such as speeding tickets to multi million pound VAT frauds, from drugs cases to murder charges – then contact Quentin to discuss the details of your case. He will fully assess your circumstances and offer transparent advice to identify the right course of action for you, or find out more about Quentin's legal success.


*It should be noted that although qualified to conduct litigation there is still a general prohibition upon handling client’s monies that applies to all self-employed Barristers.