Quentin secures Not Guilty verdict in ‘overwhelming’ stalking case

Quentin secures Not Guilty verdict in ‘overwhelming’ stalking case

NJ was accused of stalking his ex-partner and the mother of his children.

Following the demise of their relationship NJ placed a tracking and listening device in the car used by his ex-partner, he also placed a listening ‘bug’ in her house which was disguised as an extension cable. Police were able to track these devices to NJ; they seized his laptop and mobile telephone when they arrested him and were able to prove significant levels of contact between his electronic devices and the two covert devices.

NJ had been told by his previous legal representatives that the case against him was ‘overwhelming’ and that he should plead guilty. NJ works in the financial services sector and any criminal conviction would have meant the loss of his job and his livelihood, he therefore sought Quentin Hunt’s assistance.

A trial took place at Harrow Crown Court where the case was heard over a 4-day period. At trial NJ alleged that he only placed the devices in the home and car of his ex partner as he was concerned for the safety of his children due to her worrying and erratic behaviour.

Following the 4-day trial the jury deliberated for less than 30 minutes before delivering a unanimous verdict of Not Guilty.

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