Quentin represents “Britain’s most wanted drug baron”

Quentin represents “Britain’s most wanted drug baron”

Quentin was chosen to represent one of Britain’s most high profile drug smugglers.

SD selected Quentin to represent him in respect of drug allegations relating to the smuggling of very large quantities of cocaine. SD had been at the top of Interpol’s “most wanted” list for 6 years. Following extradition from Greece SD appeared before Liverpool Crown Court where a judge had previously indicated that when SD appeared before the Court he could expect a sentence of around 30 years.

Due to the overwhelming nature of the case against him SD chose to plead Guilty and despite the previous indication of the Court Quentin managed to secure SD a sentence of 14 years imprisonment, a sentence lower than that passed upon some of those who were said to be below him in the criminal organisation. The case was covered extensively in the national press:


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