No Further Action taken in Voyeurism case
Tuesday, July 19, 2016

No Further Action taken in Voyeurism case

Quentin represented Mr WS, an individual facing Police investigation in respect of alleged offences of Voyeurism. The allegations included the following of schoolgirls and ‘up skirt’ photography as well as the possession of suspect pornographic material.

Quentin ensured that WS received excellent representation at all stages of the Police investigation. He liaised with the Police at all times in respect of WS’s case, meaning that WS avoided the potentially embarrassing prospect of friends and family accidentally discovering the allegations he faced. Quentin also made representations to the Police in respect of the charges that WS faced and the public interest in prosecution as well as liaising with the police in respect of the return of certain items of property that had been seized in searches.

Following a lengthy investigation, the police made a decision to take No Further Action against WS. This meant that he was released from bail and would face no charges and would have no criminal record, caution or adverse record against his name. WS stated:

“I cannot express enough my gratitude for your services; without which my case would have proceeded drastically differently and concluded adversely to now.”

If you find yourself accused of a criminal offence, it is important that you secure the correct legal representation at an early stage. Effective representation pre-charge can affect the outcome of a decision by the authorities whether to bring proceedings against an individual.

Quentin Hunt is a fully litigation qualified Direct Public Access Barrister who has wide ranging experience in pre-charge representation. He believes that ‘the easiest way to win a trial is not to have a trial at all’. If you find yourself under investigation by the police for any matter you may contact Quentin for a free, no obligation conversation about your case.