Success in Shotgun Licence Appeal
Thursday, August 24, 2017

Success in Shotgun Licence Appeal

Quentin represented Mr DJ, a farmer who had been refused a shotgun licence by West Midlands Police.

DJ was a successful farmer whose land was being overrun by rabbits. He needed a shotgun for pest control purposes. Due to the fact that he had a previous conviction for the cultivation of cannabis his application for a shotgun certificate had been turned down by West Midlands Police.

DJ approached Quentin who agreed to take on his case and lodged an appeal to the Birmingham Crown Court.

Working closely in conjunction with his client Quentin was able to build a body of evidence to support the appeal. He was also able to draft a highly persuasive skeleton argument which demonstrated that the approach taken by West Midlands Police was contrary to their own policies, the Home Office Guidelines and established case law.

As a result of the strong arguments put forward by Quentin at the appeal hearing at Birmingham Crown Court the Police indicated that they were not going to resist the appeal. The appeal was therefore successful the Court granted DJ a shotgun licence.

Quentin is well versed in the law relating to shotgun and firearm licencing and accepts instructions directly from members of the public. If you have had a shotgun or firearms licence refused and would wish to appeal that decision, please contact barrister Quentin Hunt for a free no obligation discussion.