Motor trader keeps his driving licence after successful appeal

Motor trader keeps his driving licence after successful appeal

Quentin represented Mr RC, a successful trader of prestige and high performance cars in respect of an appeal against a conviction for failure to provide driver’s details contrary to s172 of the Road Traffic Act 1988.

RC, who was not previously represented by Quentin, had been convicted in circumstances where it was arguable that he could not have reasonably discovered the identity of the driver of the vehicle.

On appeal Quentin argued that RC should have been able to avail himself of the defence under s172(4) that he did not know and could not with reasonable diligence have discovered who the driver of the vehicle was.

Following the prosecution presentation of their case Quentin made detailed submissions in respect of the facts of the case and the relevant law. As a result of these submissions the Court accepted that the Appeal should be allowed without the need for the defence to call any evidence.

RC had 6 points on his driving licence and would have been banned from driving for a minimum of 6 months if his conviction was upheld, this would have put his livelihood at risk. As a result of the successful appeal RC was formally acquitted and therefore had no additional points upon his licence and had the fine and costs orders from the lower court were returned to him.

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