Quentin Hunt gains acquittal in Drink driving appeal
Monday, March 13, 2017

Quentin Hunt gains acquittal in Drink driving appeal

Quentin represented MP in an appeal against conviction in a case of drink driving before Luton Crown Court.

MP had been involved in an accident in the early hours of the morning by crashing his Range Rover Sport into another vehicle. At the scene of the accident he was breathalysed by police, the result was positive for excess alcohol. Due to injuries sustained during the accident he was taken to hospital where police undertook the drink drive evidential procedure and took a sample of MP’s blood. Analysis of the blood sample showed that MP was over double the permitted driving blood alcohol level. 

At Appeal Quentin undertook cross examination of the police officer who undertook the drink drive evidential procedure. Due to the answers given under cross examination and the documentary evidence available Quentin was able to make legal submissions at the end of presentation of prosecution evidence that the case should not be allowed to continue. The Judge agreed with Quentin’s submissions and the prosecution was not allowed to continue. The Court ordered the acquittal of MP and ordered full costs in favour of MP.

If you face an allegation of drink driving it is essential that you gain the best representation available. Quentin Hunt is a lawyer with great experience in road traffic cases and an encyclopaedic knowledge of the law. Please contact Quentin for a no obligation conversation about your case.