Quentin secures dramatic reduction in Proceeds of Crime Act Confiscation Order
Thursday, March 23, 2017

Quentin secures dramatic reduction in Proceeds of Crime Act Confiscation Order

Quentin represented Mr JP, a former conveyancing practitioner who pleaded guilty before Ipswich Crown Court to Fraud and Money Laundering. These offences related to assets contained within the estates that he was administering.

Following JP’s sentencing hearing the prosecution sought a confiscation order against JP for specific and general criminal conduct under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.

JP was a man of significant means and was able to meet a large benefit figure, it was therefore essential that the finding of benefit was as low as possible in order to protect JP and his family’s financial position.

The prosecution initially sought a benefit figure of £875,000 against JP which would have represented a significant financial loss should the full amount of the proposed order be made.

Quentin enlisted the help of highly skilled forensic accountants in order to attack the prosecution figures. Over a period of 12 months Quentin and the forensic accountants made numerous representations to the prosecution in respect of the legitimacy of their figures and analysis. On each occasion they were successful in reducing the amount the prosecution was able to claim against JP.

By the time the matter came to Court the prosecution were unable to rely upon the majority of the assertions they made in the original proposed order. The eventual order made against JP was less than £97,500, a saving of over £750,000 from the original order sought.

Many persons find themselves faced with Proceeds of Crime Act proceedings; also relatives of those who face such proceedings are often concerned that their assets will be reduced by a confiscation order. In such circumstances expert and skilled representation is essential. Quentin Hunt has 17 years’ experience and an excellent track record in dealing with complicated confiscation proceedings. If you require representation you may contact Barrister Quentin for a free, no obligation conversation about your case.