Success in significant financial reduction in Proceeds of Crime Act case
Thursday, August 23, 2018

Success in significant financial reduction in Proceeds of Crime Act case

Quentin represented RC, an individual who was facing proceedings before the Bournemouth Crown Court in respect of a proposed confiscation order under the Proceeds of Crime Act following guilty pleas to matters of Revenue and VAT fraud.

The case revolved around failure to account for tax and the prosecution were claiming a criminal benefit figure of in excess of £1.12 Million. Quentin was able to effectively put together a strong defence to this claim. Expert forensic accountants were instructed to analyse the prosecution methodology and figures and defence material was gathered by Quentin behind the scenes in order to bolster the defence to the prosecution claim.

RC was a man who had amassed significant wealth including an asset in the family home which was worth a large amount of money. However, Quentin was able to put forward a good defence to the claim by the prosecution. This led to the prosecution entering into negotiation with the defence and Quentin eventually brokering a settlement on behalf of his client of £141,000, an enormous reduction from the £1.12M initially claimed.

If you have been convicted of an offence where there is a financial ‘benefit’ the likelihood is that the prosecution will be pursuing Proceeds of Crime Act proceedings. If this is the case it is recommended that specialist representation is sought as the issues and law can be complicated and protracted. You may contact barrister Quentin Hunt, an expert well versed in this area of law for a free, no obligation conversation about your case.