Not guilty in careless driving allegation
Friday, August 30, 2019

Not guilty in careless driving allegation

Mr EH was a law student who had been summonsed to Stratford Magistrates Court accused of careless driving. The prosecution allegation was that Mr EH had carelessly driven his car into a stationary vehicle causing damage to a number of parked vehicles and causing his car to roll onto its roof. Mr EH had been interviewed at the scene and had admitted the offence in his interview.

Quentin was instructed to defend the case. He immediately took instructions from the defendant and his mother; the defendant’s mother was able to confirm that the motor vehicle suffered a pre-existing defect which she had not told her Son about. It was put forward that this caused the accident rather than any carelessness by the defendant. Quentin also set about getting an expert witness statement from a local garage about the state of the motor vehicle prior to the accident.

At trial Quentin cross examined the police officer about the fairness of the interview procedure, given the fact that the interview was conducted in the back of an ambulance, and made an application to exclude the interview from evidence. He called the defendant and his mother to give evidence and read the expert witness statement from the proprietor of the garage and made detailed submissions to the Court on behalf of his client. The Court took little time in returning a verdict of Not Guilty in respect of Quentin’s client and awarded costs in favour of the defence.

Quentin Hunt is a criminal Barrister who is an expert in defending professional and high profile individuals in Road Traffic cases. Should you be accused of such an offence you may contact Quentin for a no obligation discussion about your case.