Quentin secures acquittal for client in large scale ‘Boiler Room’ fraud case

Quentin secures acquittal for client in large scale ‘Boiler Room’ fraud case

Quentin represented MM, a professional man of previous good character, who was alleged to be at the centre of a large scale conspiracy to defraud relating to the operation of a ‘Boiler Room’ commodities selling operation in the heart of the City of London. It was alleged that the boiler room scheme run by MM related to the sale of £3,500,000 worth of Carbon Credits and Diamonds to investors at hyper inflated prices in circumstances where the investor was unlikely to recover the value of their investment, let alone make a profit. MM denied any dishonesty in respect of his actions and the matter was committed for trial.

MM was accused together with others as part of a conspiracy allegation. Quentin represented MM from an early stage in the Magistrates Court and whilst leading a junior Barrister colleague represented him at trial before Blackfriars Crown Court. At the trial MM’s case required careful consideration, the various defendants were operating ‘cut throat’ defences where each alleged conspirator sought to blame the others. These are notoriously difficult to manage and careful tactical consideration was given to all aspects of the questioning of prosecution witnesses and the presentation of MM’s defence. Upon returning verdicts the jury were unable to reach a decision in respect of Quentin’s client but convicted his co-conspirators who were sentenced to substantial prison sentences of up to 13 years custody. The case received considerable press coverage, for example see-


The Crown Prosecution Service were of the view that they wished to retry MM and the second trial took place at Blackfriars Crown Court. On this occasion, following a four-week trial, the jury took less than an hour to unanimously acquit Quentin’s client of all charges.

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