Driver escapes custody in M4 attack on motorcyclist

Driver escapes custody in M4 attack on motorcyclist

Quentin Hunt represented a Mr IR, who was accused of attempted Assault occasioning Grievous Bodily Harm, Dangerous driving contrary to s2 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 and Assault occasioning Actual Bodily Harm as a result of an incident that occurred on the M4 motorway in December 2019.


The matter was followed in the press and can be read about here.


The defendant IR was driving his BMW motor vehicle on the M4 motorway when he became involved in a confrontation with a motorcyclist. The prosecution case was that he had used his car as a weapon and deliberately knocked the motorcyclist from his bike with the intention of causing him serious harm. The prosecution case was a string one with evidence coming from the motorcyclist and four independent eyewitnesses all of whom were of the opinion that IR had intended to hit the motorcyclist with his case. The motorcyclist suffered serious injuries as a result of and the prosecution alleged that it was lucky that he was not killed.


The case was a serious one for IR with the sentencing guidelines for assault suggesting that upon conviction he would face a period of six years’ imprisonment. IR was concerned about the prospect of going to prison and consulted Quentin in respect of taking his case over from his solicitors.


Upon taking the case over Quentin immediately entered into negotiations with the prosecution in respect of a potential plea deal in the case. Quentin secured an excellent deal for IR which meant that the most serious charge of attempted GBH was dropped by the prosecution meaning that the potential sentence had been dramatically reduced. Quentin then set about preparing an impressive mitigation package for IR including details of charity work, medical evidence and extensive character references.


At the sentencing hearing at Swansea Crown Court Quentin entered mitigation on behalf of IR in the hope that IR could avoid an immediate prison sentence. The Court agreed with Quentin’s submissions and IR was sentenced to a suspended period of imprisonment with probation orders attached. IR was delighted with the result as he had avoided custody and therefore remained at liberty.


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