Not guilty verdict in London Underground Sexual Assault allegations.

Not guilty verdict in London Underground Sexual Assault allegations.

Mr BL was accused of sexual assault contrary to section 3 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003; the case was brought by British Transport Police at Harrow Crown Court. The prosecution case was that CM was a sexual predator who drunkenly harassed women on the London Underground and that he sexually assaulted a young lady by kissing her and not leaving her alone.

The allegation was very serious for BL. he was a professional man and any conviction for a crime of a sexual nature would have led to him losing his employment and potentially being banned from practice by his professional body. The offence would also have led to a minimum period of 5 years on the sex offenders register.

BL chose to instruct Quentin Hunt on a direct public access basis and Quentin worked tirelessly with BL to establish an effective defence based on the client’s instructions. This included Quentin collecting a large raft of evidence which was called on behalf of the defence.

Quentin presented a ruthlessly effective case on behalf of BL. It was accepted that he acted in an intoxicated manner when on the underground and that he approached and spoke to females in question. His case was that he is ‘soppy’ and over familiar when in drink and has a reputation as such amongst his group of friends. It was put forward on his behalf that when in drink he can misjudge boundaries such as personal space but did so in over friendliness. Quentin contended to the jury that when he engages in such conduct his actions are not sexual in nature.

The prosecution case was a strong one, mainly as BL’s behaviour was largely caught on CCTV from within the Underground system. The complainant in the case gave evidence in respect of the incident and was expertly cross examined by Quentin on behalf of BL in an attempt to introduce doubt as to the veracity of the prosecution case.

At the conclusion of the contested trial at Harrow Crown Court the jury in the case delivered a Not Guilty verdict in respect of the sexual assault charge that BL faced. BL was therefore acquitted and was able to leave court with no blemish against this name.

A sexual assault allegation can have wide ranging ramifications with a maximum sentence of 10 years’ imprisonment and mandatory registration on the sex offenders register. With this in mind anyone who finds themselves accused of a sexual offence may wish to secure the best representation possible. Quentin Hunt is a Criminal Barrister who has vast experience in representing individuals in sexual assault cases. Quentin accepts instruction direct from members of the public and is available to contact for a no obligation conversation about any case or potential case.