Quentin achieves £144,000 saving for client in Planning Enforcement Proceeds of Crime Act case.

Quentin achieves £144,000 saving for client in Planning Enforcement Proceeds of Crime Act case.

Quentin Hunt appeared at the Southwark Crown Court on behalf of Mr GP, an individual who had been convicted before the Court after a jury trial of 3 counts of breach of a planning enforcement notice contrary to s179 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. GP was facing confiscation proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.


Quentin had not appeared for the defendant at his unsuccessful trial but was brought in at the confiscation stage due to his specialist knowledge of both Planning Enforcement and Confiscation Law.


The prosecution was claiming a confiscation order relating to a number of flats that Mr GP had been renting to tenants in breach of a planning enforcement notice requiring him to return the property to a pre-existing more spacious configuration. He did not comply with the terms of the notice and was accordingly convicted at trial. The confiscation figure claimed by the prosecution represented the rental income derived by GP from the rental of the flats over the relevant period.


Quentin was able to analyse the documentation in the case and lodge a strong skeleton argument in respect of a significant reduction in the figures in the case. As a result of this the Prosecution were brought in to negotiate matters and Quentin was able to argue for a settlement in the case. By the time the settlement negotiations were concluded the prosecution had agreed to reduce the confiscation order by £111,000 and the costs figure by £33,000 making a total saving to the client of £144,000. The accordant confiscation order was made with Quentin securing the statutory maximum time to pay on behalf of the client.


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