Quentin achieves Not Guilty verdict for City worker in Insurance Fraud case.

Quentin achieves Not Guilty verdict for City worker in Insurance Fraud case.


Mr MA works for a large financial institution in the City of London, last year he was accused of insurance fraud. The fraud related to the theft of a large cash sum from MA’s luggage during a First Class flight from London to New York in 2018. MA was said to have given a false and dishonest version of events to his insurance company in order to by-pass exclusions contained within his policy which would have prevented him claiming the stolen money. MA was recorded on tape giving four different versions of events to his insurance company as he tried to claim the allegedly stolen money. He gave a 5th different version of events when he was interviewed by the police about the offence.


MA was originally represented by solicitors and Counsel who undertook a trial at the Magistrates Court. He was convicted. MA faced losing his employment as a result of this conviction and approached Quentin Hunt to launch an appeal. Upon receipt of instructions Quentin immediately lodged an appeal notice to the Crown Court and set about collecting evidence and working with MA on his defence.


It became obvious to Quentin that there were a number of lines of enquiry that had not been pursued by MA’s previous representatives and these were followed up rigorously. Despite the fact that MA had given a number of different accounts in the Course of his insurance claim Quentin was confident that, if handled with skill, the case could be won. Quentin worked with MA intensively over a large number of conferences, forensically picking apart the various accounts and the flaws in the prosecution case.


The matter came to trial at the Old Bailey (Central Criminal Court). Due to the fresh approach taken to the evidence and meticulous planning undertaken in MA’s defence Quentin was able to exploit flaws in the prosecution case and submitted to the Court that there was reasonable doubt as to whether MA was acting dishonestly in making his insurance claim. The Court agreed. MA was found Not Guilty of the Fraud offence which he faced and in addition the Court awarded MA’s costs, subject to taxation.


Due to his acquittal MA was able to maintain his employment and the acquittal ensured that he did not have any matters recorded against his name that may prejudice his future career prospects.


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