No Further Action taken in Stalking and harassment allegations following Quentin Hunt’s intervention

No Further Action taken in Stalking and harassment allegations following Quentin Hunt’s intervention


Quentin was instructed by SD, a lady who was accused of stalking contrary to s2(A) of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 and Harassment contrary to section 2 of the Protection from Harassment Act. SD works as a medical professional and was extremely worried about the consequences of any conviction/caution for a criminal offence.


The allegations against SD revolved around social media posts that had been made by SD following the demise of a relationship and messages sent via text message and WhatsApp to her previous partner.


SD was previously represented by a firm of solicitors who had advised her to answer ‘no comment’ to questions put to her in interview. SD was concerned about being charged with a criminal offence and sought Quentin’s advice as a second opinion.


Quentin met SD in conference and went through the case with her in great detail. Upon close examination of the facts of the matter, Quentin advised SD to collect relevant evidence that would assist a defence in the case. Upon consideration of this evidence, Quentin collated the materials into an ‘evidence pack’ that could be presented to the police. Quentin then contacted the police, supplied them with the evidence pack, and arranged for SD to attend a further voluntary interview where she could explain the circumstances of the alleged offending and the contents of the evidence pack.


Following the further interview and consideration of the materials provided to them, the police reviewed the matter and came to the decision that they would take no further action against SD. Quentin was instructedby the client on a direct access basis, she was delighted at the result of her case. 


If you find yourself accused of a criminal offence then it is never too soon to secure the right representation. Quentin Hunt is an experienced criminal Barrister who has an excellent tactical feel for cases and is adept at setting the correct foundations for a defence. Quentin believes that ‘The best way to win a trial is not to have a trial at all’. He specialises in making pre-charge representations to the Police and CPS with the aim of no further action being taken or getting cases discontinued. You may contact Quentin for a free, no obligation conversation about your case.