Off duty police officer receives not guilty verdict in assault trial

Off duty police officer receives not guilty verdict in assault trial


Quentin represented Mr MG, a serving Police Officer who found himself accused of assault following an altercation in a public house in Weymouth.


MG had previously been represented by a firm of solicitors and counsel in the Magistrates Court. Following his conviction MG sought specialist legal advice and chose to instruct Quentin on a direct public access basis in an appeal against conviction at the Crown Court. The appeal was particularly important to MG as it was likely that he would lose his job as a police officer if the appeal was unsuccessful.


The matter in issue in the case was one of self-defence, MG did not dispute the fact that he had been in contact with the complainant but stated that he had done so in lawful self-defence. This was disputed by the prosecution.


In the build up to the appeal hearing Quentin presented the Crown Prosecution Service with expert evidence that MG was suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and that a result of this was that he was more sensitive to perceived attack and suffered from heightened awareness. He also put forward several character references and the defendant’s medical history to support the expert evidence. The CPS did not object to this evidence and Quentin was able to present it to the Court as being agreed between the parties. This was very important.


The appeal hearing was heard at Southampton Crown Court. Quentin cross-examined the prosecution witnesses effectively, highlighting inconsistencies within the prosecution case and outlining a number of issues that supported the defence. As part of the trial, Quentin presented the expert and medical evidence to the Court as agreed evidence that supported the defence.


Following the presentation of the evidence in the case and closing submissions, the Court retired to consider a verdict. After 8 minutes of deliberation the Court returned and delivered a Not Guilty verdict in respect of MG, he was delighted.


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