Police take no action in stalking and malicious communications case following Quentin’s intervention

Police take no action in stalking and malicious communications case following Quentin’s intervention


Mr. SM was arrested by Police for stalking and malicious communications offences, this related to his communication with a local family in his area. The offences under investigation were under s1 of the Malicious Communications Act 1988 and s2A of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. SM strongly denied the allegations made against him; he was bailed while Police made further enquiries.


SM had instructed a local firm of solicitors to deal with his case. After a few months had passed, he questioned why no progress had been made on his case. He was told that he would just have to wait for the Police and Crown Prosecution Service to come to a decision in the case. SM was dissatisfied with this and instructed Quentin Hunt to take over his case in the hope that matters could be brought to a swift and successful conclusion.


Upon instruction Quentin spoke at length to SM in conference and reviewed the materials generated and the action taken in the case to date. He formed the view that a more proactive approach was needed in order to ensure that SM did not face prosecution and to ensure that the case was dealt with in a reasonable period.


Quentin liaised with the Police and the CPS in respect of SM’s case; matters were progressed in respect of access to electronic devices and other evidence that streamlined the investigation process. Quentin was also relentless in keeping up pressure on the Police to make sure that their investigation was being conducted expeditiously. Representations were also made to the police in respect of the sufficiency of the evidence in the case and the public interest in prosecution.


Following Quentin’s intervention Mr. SM was informed by Police that No Further Action was to be taken against him in the case. This meant that the long period of uncertainty was over for Mr SM and a great weight lifted from his shoulders.


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