Quentin achieves non-custodial sentence in perverting the Course of Justice case.

Quentin achieves non-custodial sentence in perverting the Course of Justice case.


Quentin Hunt was instructed on a direct public access basis to act on behalf of Mr LK, who was before the Lincoln Crown Court accused of an offence of Perverting the Course of Justice.


Mr LK was accused of submitting a forged invoice to the County Court during Civil Court proceedings involving a company dispute over a renewable energy project. In interview, Mr LK had accepted that he had forged the invoice and accepted that he had submitted it to the Court as if it were genuine.


When Quentin took the case over, Mr LK was in a difficult position. Offences of Perverting the Course of Justice normally carry sentences of imprisonment and LK appeared to have made a series of damaging admissions in his police interview. This made the likelihood of successfully defending the case low and meant that a prison sentence was an overwhelming likelihood upon conviction. LK was terrified of the effect of a prison sentence upon him both personally and professionally and Quentin was tasked with doing all that he could to ensure that his client did not go to prison.


Quentin took an unusual tactical approach. Mr LK pleaded Not Guilty and Quentin lobbied the CPS to accept alternative charges. The CPS initially rejected these, but Quentin persisted and eventually the CPS accepted that alternative charges were acceptable due to Quentin’s public interest submissions.


As a result, the CPS accepted a guilty plea to a count of Fraud contrary to section 2 of the Fraud Act 2006 and offered no evidence on the count of Perverting the Course of Justice meaning that LK was formally acquitted of this charge. This meant that LK was sentenced based on the Fraud Sentencing Guidelines. The low value of the invoice that he submitted meant that at the sentencing hearing Quentin was able to make powerful submissions that a non custodial sentence was appropriate. The Court accepted Quentin’s submissions and LK did not receive a custodial sentence; as a result, he was able to continue to operate his business and live in the community.


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