Quentin achieves Not Guilty verdict for City worker in Criminal Damage trial

Quentin achieves Not Guilty verdict for City worker in Criminal Damage trial


Mr GH was an IT worker in the City of London accused of Criminal conduct by the British Transport Police. Following an altercation with an individual during a train journey Mr GH was accused of smashing the mobile telephone of the complainant and was therefore charged by the police with Criminal Damage contrary to the Criminal Damage Act 1971. For obvious reasons GH wanted to avoid having a criminal record and therefore selected specialist Direct Access Barrister Quentin Hunt to represent him at Court.


The allegation against GH came down to a straightforward factual dispute between the parties. GH stated that he had not caused the damage complained of whereas the complainant and two independent witnesses stated that he did. Prior to the trial Quentin had fully prepared the case including the collection of defence evidence and multiple conferences with the defendant to ensure that he was ready for giving evidence in a Criminal Trial.


When the matter came to trial before the Magistrates Court Quentin was able to put forward his client’s case by vigorously and forcefully cross examining the prosecution witnesses. Quentin was able to expose discrepancies and implausibility in their accounts as well as testing their credibility. Following this effective cross examination Quentin was able to give a powerful closing address to the Court outlining why GH was not guilty of the offence charged.


The Court agreed with Quentin’s submissions and cleared GH of the offence of Criminal Damage, he was formally found Not Guilty of the charge.


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