Quentin Achieves return of Shotgun Licences following revocation by Police.

Quentin Achieves return of Shotgun Licences following revocation by Police.


Mrs. ST was surprised when police came and knocked on her door. She had held a shotgun license for many years as had her son. They stored guns under a license at their home address. The Police produced a letter telling her that her shotgun licence was being revoked under s30(C)(1) of the Firearms Act 1968. As well as uplifting her shotgun licence the Police also seized her shotguns and her son’s shotgun licence and left the premises.


Mrs. ST was naturally confused and upset at this turn of events and attempted to contact the Police to find out the reasons for the revocation of her licence. She wished to secure the return of her guns and her and her son’s shotgun licenses. She could not get hold of anyone who could meaningfully answer her questions and became frustrated. She then approached Quentin Hunt, a Criminal Barrister with extensive knowledge of licencing laws to secure the return of the family licences and guns. Quentin acted for ST under the direct public access scheme


Quentin immediately gained detailed instructions from the client and got in touch with the Firearms and Licencing Manager at West Midlands Police to discover why the Police had taken the steps that they had. In addition, Quentin submitted an appeal to the local Crown Court under s44 of the Firearms Act 1968, in order to put pressure upon the Police. Upon speaking to the Police, Quentin was able to take instructions from his client on the matter of concern to the Police. He was able to negotiate with the Police as to the various issues that they had and reassure them in respect of these, providing evidence where necessary.


The result of Quentin’s negotiations was that the Police did not seek to pursue their revocation of ST’s licence. ST had her shotguns returned to her and both her and her son’s shotgun licences were returned to them in quick time.


If you find yourself with a firearms licencing issue or have had a firearms licence or shotgun certificate revoked or refused, you may wish to avail yourself of expert legal representation in order to achieve the result you desire.


Quentin Hunt is a Barrister of 22 years’ experience who specialises in dealing with firearms licencing cases, particularly in cases where licences have been revoked or where licences have not been granted. You may contact Quentin for a free, no obligation conversation about any such case.