Quentin secures Police investigation for client in Victim’s Right to Review success

Quentin secures Police investigation for client in Victim’s Right to Review success


Mr PL was subject to a police investigation into complaints by an ex-partner regarding various matters arising from their relationship. As a result of these complaints, PL sought to get evidence from his social media accounts to show to the police in order to demonstrate that these allegations were false. When Mr PL interrogated his social media accounts he discovered that his accounts had been hacked and that various messages and posts that would have proven his innocence had been deleted. He discovered a host of evidence that suggested beyond doubt that it was his ex-partner who had hacked his accounts and deleted materials.


PL made a complaint to the police in respect of this matter. The police purported to undertake an investigation in respect of this complaint but quickly reverted to him stating that they would be taking no further action in the matter, as it would not be in the public interest or proportionate to pursue the matter.


PL Instructed Criminal Barrister Quentin Hunt, on a direct public access basis, to represent his interests and ensure that the matter was properly investigated. Quentin immediately undertook an analysis of the evidence in the case and spoke to PL in conference. He then drafted and submitted a detailed application on behalf of Mr PL under the ‘Victim’s Right to Review’ scheme. Shamefully, the police had not even informed PL that this was an option available to him. Quentin highlighted the evidential strength of PL’s case and the overwhelming public interest in the pursuit of the case.


Within a short period, Mr PL received a detailed letter from the police stating that the matter had been reviewed and that the review was to overturn the original police decision, in line with Quentin’s submissions. It was further stated that the investigation was to be re-opened by a senior officer and that many of the avenues of investigation suggested by Quentin would be pursued.


Quentin Hunt is a Criminal Barrister of many years’ experience who has an excellent knowledge of the inner workings of both the police and the Crown Prosecution Service. He is an expert on the Victim’s Right to review scheme. If you have made a criminal complaint which has not been proceeded with or has been discontinued and you feel that this is unjust you may wish to seek expert legal opinion. You can contact Quentin, who would be pleased to undertake a confidential, no obligation discussion with you about your case.