Personal, cost-effective legal care through direct public access

In the past, it has only been possible to instruct a barrister through the services of a solicitor. But, after legislation changes in 2004, any member of the public can now instruct a barrister directly without having to deal with any middle men. This is known as Direct Access or Public Access.

Quentin has recently launched a new site specifically for bringing a private prosecution.

As a result you can now contact Quentin Hunt directly and ask him to assess and pursue your prosecution or defence case.


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Get in touch with Quentin now for a free legal advice as an initial telephone discussion and thorough assessment of your case and your options.


Advantages of choosing the Direct Access route


If you need advice on bringing a private prosecution – or you are facing criminal charges such as speeding tickets to multi million pound VAT frauds, from drugs cases to murder charges – then contact Quentin to discuss the details of your case. He will fully assess your circumstances and offer transparent advice to identify the right course of action for you, or find out more about Quentin's legal success.