The protection from Harassment Act 1997 was put in place to try to ensure that persons could operate free from serious harassment by others.

In this article we will look at the offence of unlawful harassment set out in section 1 of the Protection from Eviction Act 1977.

Harassment Acquittal of Local Councillor

A Not Guilty verdict was essential to TL as she works within the legal industry and could not have a conviction recorded against her name. She described the result as ‘Amazing… fantastic’.

Quentin was able to conduct extensive negotiations with the Prosecution in order to make representations that the trial should be discontinued

Learn how Quentin was able to enter a revised plea with the resulting sentence being that his client was released from custody that day to go home with his family. Both FA and his family were delighted with the result.

Local authorities are becoming increasingly trigger-happy in respect of landlord and tenant prosecutions. Such prosecutions can occur when there is a dispute with a tenant over the circumstances of their leaving a property. Often such disputes can be the word of one party against the word of another. As such it is essential that a landlord or other party accused of such an offence gain specialist legal advice if being either investigated or prosecuted. Read further to find out more..

Guilty plea vacation and success at subsequent trial

There is an increasing trend towards prosecuting individuals for their online activity from Internet ‘trolls’ to the increasing reports of ‘revenge porn’

This article explores the sentencing regime and the ways in which the risk of immediate custody can be reduced therefore answering the question of ‘How can I avoid a custodial sentence?’

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