Woman escapes with community service in 'Grand Theft Auto' case

Woman escapes with community service in 'Grand Theft Auto' case

Quentin Hunt represented Miss SG who was charged with a multitude of Road Traffic offences following incidents in April 2015.

Miss SG left a friend’s house having consumed alcohol and entered her vehicle with the intention of going home to retrieve some keys.

The prosecution case was that on the way home SG was driving erratically; her car came behind a row of cars at which she hooted her horn, she then proceeded to ram her car into the car in front before driving off without stopping.

Further up the road she encountered a Ford Focus driven by a male member of the public, she crashed her car into the rear of this Focus. The driver of the Focus got out of his vehicle as did SG. Before they could exchange details SG entered the gentleman’s Ford Focus and attempted to drive the vehicle away striking the gentleman’s legs as she attempted to make off. She was stopped and got back into her car before driving off at speed. Further down the road she attempted to overtake a skip lorry in a built up area. During her overtake she clipped the skip lorry and sending the lorry crashing into 2 other vehicles. Her vehicle also crashed into a parked car deploying the airbags.

In total six vehicles were damaged in a course of driving described by lawyers as ‘like the popular computer game Grand Theft Auto’. An aggravating factor was the fact that SG tested for blood alcohol 3 hours after the incident, following release from hospital, and was found to be nearly twice over the drink driving limit.

Miss SG was understandingly terrified over the prospect of an immediate custodial sentence. Quentin Hunt was able to represent her throughout proceedings; during a number of hearings the Court heard evidence in respect of the background to the offending the Court. Despite a custodial sentence being a likely disposal Quentin persuaded the court to dispose of the case by way of a 90 hour community order and an order for prosecution costs.

If you find yourself faced with serious road traffic offences and need representation to either avoid a conviction or to avoid a sentence of imprisonment you will need the services of an experienced expert in the field. With 16 years’ experience of road traffic law Quentin Hunt is seen by many as a leading practitioner in this area. Quentin is available to contact for a free, no obligation telephone conversation about your case.