Success in Special Reasons Appeal for Solicitor in Drink Driving case
Thursday, August 22, 2019

Success in Special Reasons Appeal for Solicitor in Drink Driving case

Quentin was instructed to appeal a period of driving disqualification imposed upon Mr RK, a Partner at a firm of Solicitors who had been sentenced following a guilty plea to a charge of driving with excess alcohol.   

RK had put forward ‘Special Reasons’ in the Magistrates Court but these had been rejected and RK sought to appeal. Quentin to pursue this appeal in the Crown Court and set about collecting a strong body of evidence and case law in support. The factual scenario was that RK was a devout Muslim and he sought to argue that he does not drink alcohol and that his drink had been spiked by friends who had visited him at his workplace who stupidly sought to relax him by doing so. Any effect of the alcohol upon him he put down to tiredness and stress. Quentin set about collecting evidence from RK and statements from his two friends in support of the application together with supporting character references showing the good and upstanding character of RK.

At the Appeal hearing at Kingston Crown Court Quentin called RK and his two friends to give evidence in support of the application. Quentin also put forward a series of detailed legal submissions on behalf of his client. Upon consideration of the evidence in the case and the legal submissions the Court accepted that RK’s drinks had been spiked by his friends and therefore found special reasons in the case. The Court accordingly reduced the period of disqualification that was imposed by the Magistrates Court and made a costs order in favour of RK.

If you find yourself in need of legal assistance in respect of a driving matter it is wise to seek expert legal assistance. Quentin Hunt is a Criminal Barrister who has nearly 20 years’ experience dealing with driving cases and is used to representing high profile and professional individuals. If you find yourself facing a driving prosecution you may contact Quentin for a no obligation discussion about your case.