Quentin saves client £30,000 in landmark Court of Appeal victory.
Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Quentin saves client £30,000 in landmark Court of Appeal victory.

Quentin appeared on behalf of Mr FO in the Court of Appeal in respect of a sentence of £90,000 imposed upon a client for breach of 3 planning enforcement notices contrary to s179 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.


Quentin had taken over the representation in this case and had not appeared on the client’s behalf at his unsuccessful trial at Southwark Crown Court.


Quentin had gained a transcript of the sentencing remarks in the case and had identified a number of errors in the Judge’s sentencing procedure and remarks, these were formulated into written submissions to the Court of Appeal and centred around issues of double counting in the judge’s sentencing decisions and the misapplication of the principle of totality. Leave to appeal the sentencing decision was granted by the single judge considering the application on all grounds sought.


Upon appearance at the Court of Appeal Quentin was successful and the Court granted the appeal and reduced the financial penalty to £60,000, a saving to the client of £30,000.


The judgement also dealt with a review of the sentencing authorities in cases under s179 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 and will be treated as the leading judgement for sentencing reference purposes. Upon publication of the judgement a link will be shared on this blog.


Quentin Hunt is a Barrister who specialises in planning enforcement cases and accepts instructions directly from members of the public as well as from solicitors. If you require assistance with a planning enforcement case you may contact Quentin for a free, no obligation conversation about your case.