Police take No Further Action against Political Protester after Quentin’s intervention

Police take No Further Action against Political Protester after Quentin’s intervention


Mr JM attended a political protest at London’s Speaker’s Corner in October 2020. During the protests he was arrested for Criminal Damage and two charges of assaulting a Police Officer. He was subsequently summonsed to Court and faced three separate criminal charges. As a worker in the financial services industry JM was petrified of the affect that the proceedings may have upon his career. As a result, he instructed Direct Access Criminal Barrister Quentin Hunt to look after his interests and secure the best result possible.


Quentin conducted an analysis of the evidence against JM and met him in conference where the allegations against him were discussed and Quentin formulated an aggressive, proactive approach to the case including robust representations to the CPS and the formulation of a ‘battle plan’ in respect of defences to the charges. JM denied the charges and maintained that he had merely been a legitimate protester who had been subject to heavy handed policing.


Before the matter was due to reach Court Quentin was aiming to get the matter discontinued and was in contact with the Crown Prosecution Service in respect of this matter but he nevertheless prepared the case for Court.


However, the day before the Court hearing was due to take place Quentin received a letter from the CPS. They indicated that they had reviewed the case against Mr JM and did not seek to pursue the charges any longer, the letter contained a notice of discontinuance. The case against JM had been dropped and he was to face no criminal charges.


Quentin was able to contact a delighted JM and provide him with the good news.


Quentin Hunt is a Direct Access Criminal Barrister who specialises in taking on cases at an early stage and trying to ensure that cases are not pursued by the Police and CPS. He is known for his forceful and persuasive representations that have often proven effective in ensuring that cases do not reach Court at all. He believes that ‘the best way to win a trial is not to have a trial at all’ thereby saving the time, expense and risk of litigating a Criminal case. If you face criminal charges and wish to secure effective representation you may contact Quentin Hunt for a free no obligation conversation about your case.