Quentin secures musician Not Guilty verdict in Harassment allegation
Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Quentin secures musician Not Guilty verdict in Harassment allegation

Quentin represented JR, a successful musician who was accused of harassment in respect of the breakdown in a relationship which he had been a part of. The prosecution alleged that he had conducted a ‘campaign of harassment’ against the lady in question via email, text message and social media. JR wanted to avoid a conviction in order to ensure that he could travel to the United States of America unhindered to perform and promote his music.

Quentin was able to conduct extensive negotiations with the Prosecution in order to make representations that the trial should be discontinued. These negotiations continued until the day of trial when the prosecution agreed that they would offer no evidence against JR in return for undertaking that he would not contact the alleged victims, these undertakings were given and incorporated into a non-conviction restraining order under s5A of the Harassment Act. This meant that a verdict of Not Guilty was entered by the Court and JR was able to leave Court with no conviction or criminal record.

Effective negotiation with the prosecution is an essential and often overlooked part of representation in criminal law cases. If you find yourself accused in respect of any criminal proceedings and wish to secure top class representation please contact Quentin for a free no obligation conversation about your case.

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